Trehøje at Mols
Seen in a distance of many hundred meters . They are beautiful and glittering
I think, that they who are visiting, should show respect and be quiet, try it and look back in time.
Breathe  the energy  into all your Chakras. 11 / 6 97 Erla Stefansdottir

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The three luminous devas reaches 300 meters above the hill tops. They channel energy, strength and shape information out into the landscape. The blue energy over the hills are from human activities. When I visited the site with Erla at dusk she said suddenly, "Now we are going home -  the past begins to be more real than the present." Trehøje and the area between them has been used for rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years.

It's been different cultures and religious directions. They have not all been positive, seen through contemporary eyes. The hills appear to be manmade - but comes from a natural process. They are of course from time to time been used for burial of special people. The primary function of the aera has however been cult place.
Kaare Heistein Sorensen 

Drawing made by Erla Stefansdottir
of the Energy beings
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