Poskær Stendysse (Dolmen and Cromlech)

4 strong power energy lines in the north, south, east, west flow across the area. Together with 8 smaller energy lines they could be seen as big wheel.
The pale blue color over the Temple signifies that women had child birth here and the old abandoned the world here.

 11 / 6 -97 Erla Stefansdottir

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Poskær stendysse 

Poskær dolmen is the most depicted dolmen and cromlech in the country. It has been used in countless tourist brochures, and to such diverse things as bank notes, national socialist propaganda and leaflets against nuclear power.
For details, see the books "Poskær stendysse" and "The Mysterious Denmark II".
For Erla does the yellow color signify energy from the same dimension as the soul. The yellow color in souls-aura means wisdom and love. Seen from above are twelve lines which intersect in the stone circle, a yellow circle where stones stand, and a round circle around that with a radius of 6-700 meters.
The site has been used by various cultures for many thousands of years. They used the place first because of the yellow energy and its creative potential. Later, there came a people of little brown people, 140 cm tall with loin cloth and headband. They erected stone ring. There have been a total of 24 stone - so it fit with the twelve lines. Each stone has a polarization which fits with the line polarization. The aim was twofold, first, to mark the spot as sacred, and to strengthen the force. An even later culture has built the dolmen and used it to death and birth rituals.
John Burke says in "Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty" that these stone chambers exist across the globe. Archaeologists have linked construction time along with crop failures and famine. He says that dolmen are located in places with high electrical and magnetic activity and that the materials (stones) are selected so they amplify this increased power. Seeds placed inside the chamber a day will increase the yield by 30% and the plants are hardier! (See also U.S. Patent 5,740,627 for a method to do it with modern technology)
The cap stone’s second "half" of 15 tons is used in "Agridyssen" 5 km further north.
Kaare Heistein Sørensen

Drawing made by Erla Stefansdottir
of the Energy beings
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